What does it mean to be a Future Leader?

The Daraz Future Leadership Program is aimed at creating the leaders of tomorrow.  In order to do so, we train our employees to ingrain the following qualities in them:

Communication Skills

A fundamental characteristic of being a leader is being able to communicate with people effectively. This does not only mean being able to convey your viewpoint in words, but it also means understanding and respecting the opinions of others.


A leader is one who takes full responsibility for all his actions, may they be ones that require praise or ones that require blame. Stepping up when there is a problem to be solved, regardless of who is at fault, is what makes a responsible leader.

Clarity & Confidence

A leader is someone who has clarity about what his responsibilities are and is clearly able to delegate those tasks to others. Having confidence in yourself and your ideas is key to having such clarity.

DFLP Training


As part of this month’s training plan, the Future Leaders of Daraz attended an informational training session on public speaking with Daraz Head of Public Relations. The group discussed ten useful tips for public speaking which was followed by a question & answer session.

DFLP Team Building Iftar


As part of this month’s team building activity, we took our DFLPs for a fun evening for iftar at a popular sea-side restaurant. The team bonded over good food, great ambiance and interesting conversations!

Onboarding Testimonials from the Daraz Future Leaders of Marketing

Our DFLPs are finally onboard! We organized detailed 3-day on-boarding to make them feel most welcome at Daraz. In addition we will be offering them ongoing trainings, coaching & guidance to ensure that their 18 months at Daraz are well spent. Our Future Leaders are excited about the progress so far and are optimistic about the rest of their time at Daraz! Here’s what they have to say about their onboarding experience:

Daraz Case study Championship (DCCS) in Bangladesh

We have launched Daraz Case Study Championship in Bangladesh as well! Daraz Bangladesh Ltd has conducted their first DCCS event @ BRAC university (http://www.bracu.ac.bd/) successfully; which is also considered as the first case study competition in the history of Bangladesh E-commerce. Top four winning team received trophies and certificates from the Managing Director of Daraz-BD. Best winning team has received a Daraz voucher of BDT 30,000.

Welcome Daraz Future Leaders!

We are extremely happy to present our first batch of Daraz Future Leaders! After going through multiple rounds of interviews, we have been able to find the brightest new talent for Daraz in these 11 finalists. We will be welcoming them on board on 5th June.